If you have shoulder pain you will quite quickly realise how much it can bother you. Getting dressed in a morning, going to the bathroom, driving your car and even going to bed is a real pain.

The first thing I will look to find out when a patient comes in to see me in pain for Osteopathy is whether it is the shoulder itself that is injured or whether it is referred from somewhere else.

All likely causes are considered such as a direct trauma, a fall, a sporting accident or overuse. Is the patient older and is there some likelihood of wear and tear?

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

There are many causes of shoulder pain and injury, where every specific condition has its own specific presentation. For example, a rotator cuff problem can be a result of falling or being hit on the shoulder, such as in football or rugby can be a cause but also unexpected falls.

Another cause can be as a result of overuse from repeated lifting, painting, cleaning windows, swimming, tennis or golf swinging are common causes as well. Like mentioned above, there can be some normal age related change in the shoulder as a result of working or sport related background that can be termed as “wear and tear” can happen.

Rotator Cuff tendonitis

The rotator cuff provides the integrity and dynamic stability of the shoulder can be injured due to repetitive overhead use of the arms during activities of daily living. Playing sports can be a cause as well.

Shoulder Impingement

Impingement of the shoulder (AKA subacromial impingement) in is when the tendons are impinged by the space between the humerus bone and a nearby bone called the acromion when lifting and using your arm.

Frozen Shoulder

Also known as Adhesive Capsulitis. There are no known causes, but there are a high percentage of people who have it that also have diabetes and other cardiopulmonary conditions. The joint capsule becomes irritated and stiff with inflammation to the synovial lining (synovitis). Patients will complain of pain and stiffness that can last for months to over a year!


This happens when there is inflammation of the bursa(s) that help to lubricate the joint itself and it prevents friction.

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