From Soldier to Team GB Athlete

From Soldier to Team GB Athlete

Do you compete in athletics? Do you run marathons or play sports?

Suffering from hard knocks, straining a shoulder or developing a reoccurring sports injury is all part and parcel of enjoying what you love! The problem is that many people do little to prepare their bodies for sports with the right conditioning or even have the physical balance to prevent accumulative loading (micro-trauma) in the first place.

It is said that there are two ways to help someone in pain; be it sports injury or dysfunction. That is to decrease cumulative loading (or micro-trauma) rate through improving and optimising physical function, or increase the patients healing rate through improving ones diet and lifestyle habits.

There are times though when there are other factors that really can not be avoided like a bad football tackle but Derek Derenalagi here is a prime example of how you can turn your life around (after life changing injuries) when you have a big enough dream. You can learn more about Derek’s story in the video above.

Meet Derek Derenalagi

Derek Derenalagi London 2012

British Armed Forces Soldier turned Team GB Athlete and Personal Trainer

Derek Derenalagi London personal trainerI met Derek when he was just starting out in the gym and competing in athletics. Derek and I shared many stories about Army life and his background playing rugby in Fiji. Derek is a lovely and truly inspiring guy who wanted help with his recovery from hard training sessions and competition. Derek would consult with me for treatment and training sessions when he was away from Team GB camps and competing abroad. Derek Derenalagi completed in the F57/58 Discus and the F54-58 seated Javelin. He started out competing for the Armed Forces and then Team GB in the Paralympic Games in London.

Derek had this to say about Evolve Osteopathy:

I can not thank Tom Smith enough for all the work he has done for me especially leading up to the London 2012 paralympic games and the Invictus Games. Tom is a great Osteopath and taught me also how to eat and sleep much better!

Derek benefitted specifically with Osteopathy Sports Massage Naturopathy and Corrective Exercise.

If you would like to consult with me to discuss your case and help you overcome your sports injury then you can call for an appointment on 01904 788411.

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